Home Loan

Buying your dream home is indeed an investment of a lifetime. We at mayaa.in understand your need and recommend you a home loan well suited to meet your budget. Widest range of home loan products & services like Home Improvement Loans, Home Extension Loans Short Term Bridging Loan etc.

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Loan Against Property

Can get you a higher loan amount for your business or personal needs. Benefits of this is higher Loan amount with Lower EMI & Flexible repayment - Option to choose between Dropline Overdraft Facility or EMI based loan. Loan against property can be availed against commercial & residential property for either business activities or personal activities.

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Balance Transfer

HL / LAP last for a larger tenure of period and are offered at lower interests under secured loan category. However, some people really find it difficult to manage the EMI’s at monthly basis with their fixed income. Some customers may want to change the tenure for the repayment of their loans.

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Business Loan

We are largely referring to unsecured income-based loans for self-employed individuals or companies. Unsecured business loans have no requirement for a security or collateral to be submitted and are offered purely on the current financial strength and past credit record of the borrower. Such loans can extend from Rs 2 lakh to 75 Lakhs and have a repayment period of 1-5 years.

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Why Choose us ?

The house of your dreams can now be yours. We are here to fulfill your dream with our dedicated doorstep service , multiple options and with fast and easy process.

Whether you are self-employed or salaried, want a floating or fixed rate, We will offer a home loan that is just right for you.

What Is the purpose of a Loan Services

Many persons find that a loan is the only way that they can afford a car, house, college education, etc. Similarly, loans are usually essential to start a business in addition to purchasing inventory and/or invest in the necessary equipment. A loan agent will search for and locate clients and help them in completing the loan application process.